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In a five-day professional development event, Alamo STEM Workforce Coalition connects teachers with industry experts to learn how math and science are applied in workforce settings.  Our ultimate goal is to increase educator and student awareness of careers in the San Antonio area and for students to be better prepared for in-demand careers.

Employer Engagement:
Host teachers at your company for a ½ day session sharing your knowledge of your company and what skills students need to be successful at your company.
What would this involve:
-Hosting a small group of teaches at your company for ½ day
-Providing a tour and/or overview of your company
-If possible, provide a hands on experience for teachers at your company.

For more information, please contact Shauna Goodman | sgoodman@sanantonioedf.com |210-802-4855

Teachers Engagement:
During the week you will visit three local companies as part of the externships.  Applicants must teach a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, or STEM-related course or be a CTE teacher.
Goals are:
-Increase Career Awareness for Applied Teaching and Learning
-Create Opportunities for Students to Interact in the Real-World Workforce
-Bring CCRS and STEM to life in your classroom!
-Strengthen Authentic Learning Using Project-Based Learning Design
-Connecting with Industry Experts in an Externship Experience

For more information, please contact Joe Lazor | joelazor46@gmail.com | 210.268.2952


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Employer and Educator Testimonials

“What you guys are doing is amazing, I wish I had something like this when I was a kid so I knew what jobs were here in San Antonio. This is a wonderful experience I am so happy to be a part of, thank you”

– Stephanie Pena, Product and Data Analyst – Metrix 360 Laboratories

“My experience from the Alamo STEM Coalition’s externship has allowed me the opportunity to connect with area professionals in careers my students are working towards, as well as see how to involve our community in their learning.”

– Brian Blickley, Biotechnology – STEM Academy – Robert E. Lee High School

“Getting a chance to talk one on one with different companies from the area about what they are looking for, what their benefits are, and what is needed to acquire a position with them was beyond enlightening.”

– Quote from teacher participating in the 2016 Teacher Externship Project

“Best EVER program – Great instruction, guidance, business contacts, ideas to incorporate into the classroom – Everyone leading this externship was extremely helpful, patient and kind!”

-Quote from teacher participating in the 2016 Teacher Externship Project