Train your future Workforce. Hire a Student Today!

  • Identify Workforce Gaps
  • Develop Talent Pipeline
  • Give Back to the Community

SA Works encourages hiring students with the right skills to fill the growing San Antonio market. When business, education and workforce needs overlap, the result is a win-win situation. Hiring students is successful when businesses can provide young adults work-based learning experiences and these students in return can spur innovation and form the next generation of talent for your company.

Internship Criteria

• Age Requirement: High school student 16+
• Salary: Recommended minimum starting salary of $8.00 per hour
• Time Frame: Recommended minimum 6-week internship program with 20 hours per week minimum employment
• Job Offer: Offer extended by May 12

Internship Process

1. Identify an area in your company/department where interns could be placed and mentored
2. Develop a Job Description — SA Works has examples to help you create your job description
3. Designate a point of contact at your company
4. Contact Shauna Goodman, for more information on how to set up an internship


SA Works Support

An SA Works Liaison is available to help you address questions on how to set up an internship opportunity at your company. This includes assisting in developing appropriate job descriptions, identifying students that best align to your employment needs, and providing materials, tools and resources.

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