How to Partner With SA Works

Opportunities Employers Can Offer

Citywide 8th Grade Career Expo

Targeted for 8th grade students to build awareness of career pathways and industry.

Job Shadows and Industry-led Job Site Tours

Employers host students and provide company and job shadow experiences exposing students to new careers with a focus on students in middle and high school.

Summer Jobs for High School Students

Targeted for students 16+ to work at your company during the summer months.

Apprenticeships for College and Technical Students

Host an apprentice to learn a particular skill or trade.

Internships or Co-ops for College Students

Targeted for college students to work in areas aligned to their degree programs with greater flexibility during the semester or summer months.

Educator Externships

Focused on delivering project-based learning (PBL) methods for educators and how they can be used in the classroom.

Steps for Becoming a Partner

Step 1

Contact Shauna Goodman at to register through SA Works

Step 2

Meet with our SA Works team to discuss your company's level of engagement in each opportunity selected

Step 3

Appoint one representative from your company to serve as the SA Works liaison for all future efforts

Step 4

Provide your company logo for future promotional materials highlighting our SA Works Employer Partner